Radiator Reflector Panels

radiator reflector panels

Best Radiator Reflector Panels userrs,

They do actually work! (surprisingly)  I'm a cynic about these things, but I tried them at the same time as borrowing a thermal imaging camera from the council (it measures heat loss from outside). I tried one half of a radiator and there was definitely less heat emitted out of the house from one side than the other. I don't believe it!   

David Farrar - Alnwick

Brilliant! I can really feel the difference!!  I have recently lined all my radiators with Radflek Radiator Reflectors. My home heats up much faster now and stays warmer for longer. Not only will this save money on my gas bill, but makes me feel I am doing something constructive to reduce my carbon footprint. A total feel good win/win situation.   

MS Julia Wilson - Devon

Radiator Reflector Panels is bought to by Thermal Energy Save and if you would like further information or want to make an appointment to discuss using Additives in your fleet, please feel free to contact us.

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Diesel Fuel Additives...

Test show that nano diesel additive works, not only does diesel additive cut CO2 emissions it also saves diesel and saving diesel fuel means saving money. That's why 1000's of people use diesel additive in private cars and vans.

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