Radiator Reflector Panels

radiator reflector panels

Heat Loss

How it reduces heat loss?

Radiators radiate heat in all directions. If a radiator is positioned against a wall energy is wasted by warming up the wall. Typically as much as 40% of the heat released by a radiator will be directed towards, into and through the wall. A Radflek radiator reflector panel placed between the radiator and the wall minimises heat transferring into and through the wall by reflecting 95% of it back into the room. This means less energy is wasted and less energy is needed to heat the room to the required temperature.

Because Radflek reflects heat back into the room (primarily into the radiator) the radiator will maintain its operating temperature using less energy with a lower load on the boiler.

Other radiator reflectors are permanently mounted on the wall behind the radiator and so are difficult to dust (essential for maintaining high reflectivity). Wall mounting also allows conductive heat transfer through the reflector into the wall. This means they are less efficient than Radflek.

Source: Radflek

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Why use Relfectors...

Test show that our thin layer radiator reflector panels are highly cost effective way in ruducing thermal heat loss from the back of your radiators through your walls.

Radiator Reflector Panels as used by diesel additive uk