Radiator Reflector Panels

radiator reflector panels
Archoil AR6200 Benefits

The BRE has reported that a sheet of Radflek will save up to 83 kWh of energy per annum.

Based on current 2012 energy prices this equates to:

  • An annual saving of £40 per 20 radiator pack of Radflek

As part of a global initiative to reduce CO² emissions the British government has put in place a Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) scheme to reduce the carbon footprint of individual households within the UK. For more information on energy efficiency and CO² reduction visit the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust websites.

  • Radflek has been certified for use as a CERT product
  • A 20 radiator pack of Radflek can save up to 89 kg CO² per annum

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Why use Relfectors...

Test show that our thin layer radiator reflector panels are highly cost effective way in ruducing thermal heat loss from the back of your radiators through your walls.

Radiator Reflector Panels as used by diesel additive uk